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May 20, 2006


Loved It!! Loved It!! Loved It.!! Have a home in Twain Harte and went to Murphy's this weekend. Classy butt not snobby. Twisted Oak....the best!!! Fun, Fun, Fun....havta see.

I am sitting here playing solitaire with a deck of 51; listening to the radio and watching our world that accelerates on a tangent line to accentuate nowhere in space and time. Talking politics and getting answers from a wine bottle that doesn’t answer. The milk crate that I am sitting on feels like it’s heating up and I am on fire. My "Spaniard" - un corked, in my lap - keeps me company while I contemplate the stars. "Spaniard" I think I love you. I think I am sinking fast. I am all strong out on Twisted Oak on the out, out skirts of town. Oh yes - I am all strung out on Twisted Oak on the very out skits of town.

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